Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012


ini kelas tergilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sepanjang massaaaa!! pas awal kelas 11 aku kira aku gak bise deket sama anak anak e-conners (yg sekarang berubah nama jadi twe-conners) tapi ternyata salah besaaaar anak anak twe conners asik asik semuaaa pokoknya macem macem deeh ada yg gila,gobyosan,galauan,gak puya malu,sampeeee yang pendiem juga ada wkwkwk

Babby bunny part 2

ini anak satu kadang super duper mega giga nyebeliin ngeselin banget tapi kadang ngangenin nyenengin ngegemesin bangeeeet ngeeet ngeeet. udah palanya gundul kumisan mukanya bunder badannya bengkakk tapiiiiii kalo mau marah jadi mikir mikir lagiii deeh♥. Tapi ahir ahir ini kita rasanya kayak di ujung tanduk banget we are in a wrong relationship right nooowww!!!
i missed the old us yiyiik

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

it's about our friendship

how lucky i am have them all. They always bring me happiness. I always enjoy every single time that i have spent with them.they are my best i ever had and met since i am in that senior high school 

Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

we have been walked for about eighteen months

Never i thought that i can walked for a long time like this with another 'guy' like you!!
So surprised! but this is the fact.
I want to tell you about that guy. His name was . I called him baby bunny. Because his face is unusual has a big nose like bunny and his moustache was so cute and i swear i really love him.

babby bunny

Senin, 14 November 2011

Life isn't fair sometimes

Pernah nggak kalian ngerasa kadang dunia ini atau Tuhan itu kadang nggak adil sama kita?
Pasti pernah kan? Yakin banget deh 100% pasti all of you you semua pernah ngerasainnya.
tapi guys mending kalian renungin dan ambil hikmahnya aja deh dari pengalaman itu.
Emang sih rasanya dongkol abis, pengen marah tapi gimana lagi well namanya aja hidup "Life is never flat" guys.
Apalagi misalnya yang kalian kalian pada cita citakan selama ini atau impikan selama ini tau tau melenceng dari apa yang di arepin apalagi disertai usaha yang menurut kalian kalian udah semaximal mungkin
Tapi Guys jangan pernah patah semangat yaa!!!
You also have to consider your own sense of fairness. It's not necessarily unfair if someone else got something you wanted even if you felt you had earned it. More likely, the other person was chosen for reasons that were different from what you would have considered. It's not wrong; it's simply a choice that you had no say in. The feelings that go with it aren't nice, but it isn't a total castigation of your ability or value as a person.
When fairness seems to fly out the window, don't let your inspiration go with it. There is always a new path you can take, and oftentimes it proves to be better than the one you were on.